Chapter 14. Application parts

Table of Contents
1. XXE, a multi-document, multi-view per document, XML editor
2. XXE is specified as an assembly of AppParts

What is an AppPart?

AppParts —application parts— are high-level building blocks used to create and extend the XMLmind XML Editor desktop application.

Prerequisite: this concept is introduced in XMLmind XML Editor - Customizing the User Interface. Therefore you'll have to read at least the first few chapters of this document before studying this lesson.

Where to declare an AppPart?

All stock AppParts are declared in DesktopApp.xxe_gui, which specifies the stock GUI of the XMLmind XML Editor desktop application.

Custom AppParts must be declared in files called customize.xxe_gui. Such files are found anywhere inside the XXE_user_preferences_dir/addon/ directory, where XXE_user_preferences_dir/ is:


<action name="aboutAction" label="_About This Document Editor">

<tool name="countWordsTool">

How to implement an AppPart?

Implement interface AppPart or one of the interfaces specializing AppPart. More information in the sections below. See also Chapter 15, Sample application parts.