Chapter 12. Document format plug-in

What is a document format plug-in?

A document format plug-in is used by XXE to map a file extension ("json", "md") to a non-XML document format (JSON, Markdown, etc). This lets authors use XXE to open, edit and save non-XML documents as if they were XML documents.

Where to declare a document format plug-in?

Like all plug-ins, a document format plug-in is not declared anywhere. It is dynamically discovered and loaded during the startup of XXE (more info in Section 1, “Dynamic discovery of add-ons” in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment) provided that it complies with the following conventions:

How to implement a document format plug-in?

Implement com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.docformat.DocumentFormat.

If you plan to implement a document format plug-in and need an example showing how this can be done, please send an email to and we'll provide you with the full source code of the "JSON document format".