4. Compiling and deploying these sample custom parts

Executing ant (see build.xml) in samples/custom_parts/

  1. Compiles the following custom parts:

    • AboutAction.java

    • CountWordsTool.java

    • CountWordsOptions.java

  2. Creates custom_parts.jar containing the code of the 3 custom parts and their resources (contained in icons/).

Deploy the above custom parts by:

  1. Copying the following files to XXE_user_preferences_dir/addon/ directory:

    where XXE_user_preferences_dir/ is:

    • $HOME/.xxe10/ on Linux.

    • $HOME/Library/Application Support/XMLmind/XMLEditor10/ on the Mac.

    • %APPDATA%\XMLmind\XMLEditor10\ on Windows. Example: C:\Users\john\AppData\Roaming\XMLmind\XMLEditor10\.

      If you cannot see the "AppData" directory using Microsoft Windows File Manager, turn on Tools>Folder Options>View>File and Folders>Show hidden files and folders.

  2. Deleting directory XXE_user_preferences_dir/cache/ (which is equivalent to clearing the Quick Start cache in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help).

  3. Restarting XXE.