96. setProperty

Parameter syntax:

[ '[document]'|'[implicitElement]'|'[implicitNode]' ]?
[ '[remove]' ]?
[ '[rebuildView]' ]?
property_name [ property_value ]?

This command may be used to get, set or remove the property of a node. It is useful for writing macro-commands.

The default subject of this command is the explicitly selected node. Option [document] allows to select the document being edited. Option [implicitElement] allows to select the element containing the caret. Option [implicitNode] allows to select the text, comment or processing-instruction node containing the caret.

property_name specifies the qualified name of the property. Namespace prefixes (except "xml" which is always predefined) are not supported here. The syntax of a property name is:

property_name = non_qualified_name | {namespace_URI}local_part

property_value specifies the new value of the property. When this value is not specified and option [remove] has not been specified, this command returns the current value of the property as a string. When this value is not specified and option [remove] has been specified, this command removes the property from the node.

Option [rebuildView] allows to rebuild the view of the node for which a property has been added, updated or removed. This is a convenient alternative to invoking command refresh.


setProperty myProp Hello world!
setProperty myProp
setProperty [remove] myProp

setProperty [implicitElement][rebuildView] {http://www.acme.com/ns/xxe}p1 1024
setProperty [implicitElement] {http://www.acme.com/ns/xxe}p1

Do not use this command to change the value of property {http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/namespace/property}readOnly, instead use command setReadOnly.

Note that this command works even its subject node is not editable.