1.1. Attributes


Unless this attribute is set with value false, a dialog box is displayed during the execution of a process command to show the user what is happening.

Though process commands have been mainly designed to convert XML documents to other formats such as PDF, RTF of HTML, it is also possible to use them to write small, quick, yet sophisticated macro-commands. In such case, the process command/macro-command developer will probably want to:

  • Set attribute showProgress of element process to value false.

  • Set attribute cacheStylesheet of child element transform to value true.

  • Use child element read associated to command paste or command XXE.open to replace part or all of the document being edited by the result of the XSLT transformation.


If specified as true, this attribute prevents the command from deleting its work directory (/tmp/xxeNNNN/) at the end of the processing. This is useful if, for example, you need to look at the XSL-FO file generated by the transform element of the process command.