49. insertSpecialChars

Parameter syntax:

[ char_spec ]?

Inserts one or more “special characters” at caret position. These characters are selected using a modal dialog box which is similar to the Characters tool of XMLmind XML Editor.

If parameter char_spec is specified, the dialog box displays a 256-character palette starting at this character; otherwise the dialog box displays the last character palette chosen by the user.

Several character representations are accepted for char_spec. For example, character TAB may now be specified as any of the following: "\t", "\11", "\x9", "\u0009", "U+0009" ,"	", "	", "011", "0x9".

Examples: 9984 is first Dingbats character in decimal notation, 023400 is same character in octal notation (must start with "0"), 0x2700 is same character in hexadecimal notation (must start with "0x").

insertSpecialChars 0x2700
insertSpecialChars 023400
insertSpecialChars 9984

This command has been added mainly to allow simple XML editors built using XXE components (that is, not XXE itself) to have the same facilities than XXE.