46. insertNewlineOrSplitBlock

No parameter.

If the caret is contained in a element which accepts newline characters (e.g. pre, programlisting), a newline character (&0#xA;) is inserted in this element. Otherwise, if the caret is contained in a block, this block is split in two parts.

To make it simple, a block is a paragraph, a heading (e.g. XHTML h1, h2, ..., h6 or DocBook bridgehead) or a list item. However what is exactly a block must be specified as explained in Section 50.1, “Specifying splittable blocks”.

More precisely,

However, if a block is declared as being a heading and if another block has been declared as being the most common form of paragraphs (see Section 50.1, “Specifying splittable blocks”):

When acting on the current block, this command can be executed if there is no selection or if a single element is explicitly selected. When there is no selection, the current block is automatically determined among the elements which directly or indirectly contain the caret. When an element is selected, this element is considered to be the current block if and only if it directly or indirectly contains the caret and it is listed in the configuration_name blockList property.

This command is intended to be bound to the Enter key.