20. demoteListItem

No parameter, but a property called "configuration_name listItemSpecification" should be defined.

Convert a paragraph to a list item and a list item to a paragraph, the new element having a greater nesting level than the original one. This command automatically creates lists or merges adjacent lists when needed to.

This is the inverse command of promoteListItem.

Note that promoteListItem and demoteListItem strictly alternate between paragraphs and list items. This means that you'll often have to invoke the command twice in a row. For example, in order to create a nested list, select a list item and then invoke demoteListItem twice. First invocation converts the list item to a plain paragraph contained in the preceding list item. Second invocation converts this paragraph to the first item of a new nested list.

For promoteListItem and demoteListItem to function, any of the following conditions should be met: