9. checkValidity

[ 'filterDuplicateIDs' ]? [ 'commitChanges' ]? 

Checks the validity of the document and, if validity errors are found, displays a modal dialog box (similar to the Validity tool) listing them.



If specified, false duplicate ID errors due to the multiple inclusions of the same elements are removed from the list displayed to the user.


If specified, send a com.xmlmind.xmledit.edit.CommitChangesEvent event to the document before checking its validity. This event is typically used by controls (for example, a Java™ Swing text field) embedded in the view of the document. This event instructs these controls that they must now commit their changes (for example, last characters typed in the text field).

This command has been added mainly to make it easier building simple XML editors using XXE components (that is, not XXE itself).