118. XXE.compare

Parameter syntax:

[ '[verticalSplit]' ]? original_file_or_URL [ revised_file_or_URL ]?

Automate the comparison of two revisions of the same initial document for which the comparison of revisions has been enabled (Background information about the compare revisions feature: the ToolsRevisions submenu in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help, the Compare tool in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help.)

The original document is specified by original_file_or_URL. This path may be a filename or an URL. A relative filename is relative to the current working directory. A relative URL is relative to the active document of XXE.

The revised copy is specified by revised_file_or_URL. When this parameter is absent, the revised copy is the active document of XXE.

If option [verticalSplit] is specified, this command ensures that the document area is displayed is split vertically in two parts (as if the user checked WindowSplit Windows Vertically).


XXE.compare [verticalSplit] art23.xml~
XXE.compare ../old_docs/art23.xml
XXE.compare file:/home/john/docs/art23.xml file:/home/john/old_docs/art23.xml

Useful macro-command making use of this command: compare a document with its backup file (having a '~' suffix) automatically created by XXE:

<command name="compareWithBackup">
        <command name="XXE.open" parameter="[checkIsOpened] %{d}~"/>
        <command name="XXE.open" parameter="%{d}~"/>
      <command name="XXE.compare" parameter="[verticalSplit] %{d}~"/>