4. Custom bindings

When a DocBook assembly is opened in XMLmind XML Editor, additional keyboard shortcuts which are specific to this kind of document are automatically made available to the user. This chapter contains a description of such keyboard shortcuts.

UpIf a module is selected, select preceding module; elsewhere, default behavior.
DownIf a module is selected, select following module; elsewhere, default behavior.
EnterInsert Module After
Shift+EnterInsert Module Before
Ctrl+EnterInsert Module Into
Esc eEdit Module or Structure
Alt+Shift+UpMove Up
Alt+Shift+DownMove Down
Alt+Shift+LeftPromote Module
Alt+Shift+RightDemote Module

Like Ctrl+Shift+C, copy to the clipboard a reference to the selected nodes. However this variant is useful when the reference is intended to be pasted to several different locations in the same document. It leverages XInclude 1.1 features[a] which allow to avoid duplicate IDs caused by transclusions.

Double-clickOn a module, resource or instance, open referenced resource; elsewhere default behavior.
Esc oOpen Referenced Resource
Esc OOpen Referenced Resource in Read-only Mode
Esc rEdit or Add Relationship
Esc wClean up Resources
DragDragging selected resource or transform drags the value of its href attribute. Elsewhere, default drag behavior.
DropDropping a file or URL onto a module displays a popup menu containing Insert Module Before, Insert Module Into, Insert Module After, Edit Module or Structure and Cancel. Elsewhere, default drop behavior.

[a] The xi:include element implicitly created by pasting the reference has a trans:idfixup="auto" attribute.