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We'll explain how to customize a stock conversion by using the following example: change the paper type of conversion specification dbToPDF — convert a DocBook 4 document to PDF using Apache FOP — from the "A4" default value to "USLetter".

Before you begin

XMLmind XSL Server is assumed to have been configured in order to have a customization directory as explained in Specifying the customization directory of XMLmind XSL Server. In the following example, we'll suppose that this customization directory is E:\opt\xslsrv/.


  1. Start XMLmind XSL Utility by executing xslutil -p E:\opt\xslsrv &.
  2. Select dbToPDF, the conversion specification to be modified.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Select the Transform tab.
  5. Click the Add button to add XSLT stylesheet parameter paper.type=USLetter.
    The DocBook XSL stylesheets parameters are documented in DocBook XSL Stylesheet Reference Documentation Opens in new window. Clicking the Documentation link allows to directly open the aforementioned reference manual in your Web browser.
  6. Click OK twice to close all the dialog boxes.
  7. Click Quit to quit XMLmind XSL Utility.
    Next time you'll convert a DocBook 4 document to PDF, XMLmind XSL Server will automatically use your updated dbToPDF conversion specification.
    Notice that stopping and then restarting XMLmind XSL Server was not needed in order to customize a stock conversion.
    XMLmind XSL Utility has other uses related to XMLmind XSL Server.
    1. It allows to specify a custom font map for Apache FOP. For example, use Verdana instead of the sans-serif logical font family.
      This is done very easily by clicking Preferences and then selecting XSL-FO Processor|FOP. See XMLmind XSL Utility - Online Help, FOP preferences Opens in new window.
      However in such case, you'll have to stop and then restart XMLmind XSL Server.
    2. It allows to specify helpers applications, for example, the location of the HTML Help compiler, hhc.exe, which is needed to convert a DITA document to HTML Help (.chm file).
      This is done very easily by clicking Preferences and then selecting Helper Applications. See XMLmind XSL Utility - Online Help, Helper applications preferences Opens in new window.
      When this is the case, you do not need to stop and then restart XMLmind XSL Server.