Chapter 5. Support of the XSL-FO v1.0 standard

Table of Contents
1. Features
2. Limitations
3. Conformance statement
4. Implementation specificities
4.1. Page references
4.1.2. OpenDocument
4.2. Lists
4.2.1. The xfc:label-format extension attribute
4.3. Leaders
4.4. Other extension attributes
4.4.1. The xfc:outline-level extension attribute
4.4.2. The xfc:render-as-table extension attribute
4.5. Special uses of fo:block-container
4.5.1. Using fo:block-container to temporarily switch the page orientation from portrait to landscape
4.5.2. Using fo:block-container to rotate the content of a table cell
4.6. Adding language information to the documents created by XFC
4.7. Adding metadata to the documents created by XFC
4.7.1. Standard metadata
4.7.2. Custom metadata
4.8. Restricting editing in the documents created by XFC
4.9. Special characters
4.10. Special support for East Asian fonts
4.11. Multiple page layouts
4.12. Adding a watermark to the generated document
4.13. Expressions
4.14. Non-standard extension of XSL-FO property text-decoration