1.15. Element jar

  archive = Path
  Content: [ add ]+ [ manifestFile | manifest ]?

  files = Glob pattern
  baseDir = Path : .
  store = boolean : false

  Content: Path

  Content: [ attribute ]+

  name = xs:NMTOKEN (must match [0-9a-zA-Z_-]+ after 
                     substitution of process variables)
  Content: xs:string

Similar to zip, except that the archive always contains a manifest (even if this manifest is empty). The manifest, if any, is specified using a manifestFile child element or a manifest child element.


<jar archive="doc.jar">
  <add files="doc.xml" />
  <add files="images/*.gif" />

<jar archive="doc2.jar">
  <add files="doc.xml" />
  <add files="images/*.gif" store="true" />
    <attribute name="Master-Document">doc.xml</attribute>
    <attribute name="Publication-Date">%0</attribute>
    <attribute name="Self-Contained"></attribute>