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XMLmind XML Editor Customization Service

XMLmind XML Editor is a highly extensible application. But what if you want to adapt it to your needs and cannot do it yourself or hire a consultant to do it for you?

We have an easy-to-purchase, affordable, solution to this problem: product "XML Editor - Customization Service" (reference xe-su). USD150/EUR125 buys you one hour of customization service.

Explain us by email what you want and we'll tell you how much units of product xe-su you'll have to purchase. Once we receive your payment, we'll start working for you and after at most seven working days, you'll receive your customization packaged as an easy-to-install add-on.

More information in XMLmind XML Editor - Customization Service.

Special services for French companies

For French companies, we propose a lot of services for accompanying your projects around XML technologies.

More information in Services proposés aux entreprises françaises.

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